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Night nights…plus

Benson’s schedule is all askew, so we had a hard time going down for night-nights. He kept crawling out of the crib and landing with a thunk. So I lowered the side of the crib, at least if he climbs out he is less prone to injuring himself.

Finally he’s all cried out, so I went in to check on him and put him back in his crib. Well he totally climbed back in his crib with Elmo and Dog, sleeping in his usual position. Too funny. I guess the side of the crib is staying down, it’s easy enough for him to crawl in and out, and he won’t roll out of bed.

It was just so funny, I gingerly opened the door, trying to make sure not to hit him (he usually crawls up and curls up behind the door when he climbs out of the crib), and there he was, right where I left him…

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