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August 23, 2009 Leave a comment

True this article from on the most annoying facebookers.

I have a FB friend (a “lurker”?) who “has no time for Facebook”, yet is consistently up-to-date on my life via FB updates. I was somewhat creeped out at first, but seeing as that I *am* a daily FB user and truthfully, use it to organize my life (especially over the past few months as events, contacts and emails sync up through my BB which syncs up my Google calendar, yippee), I put it all out there. So I can’t complain when someone sympathizes that I still don’t have a fridge. It just surprises me. And somewhat irritates me. I thought they had no time for FB? But my life *is* innately fascinating, so I can’t hate on their fixation with my status updates.

Deeper into the TMI…no group is more TMI than new moms. While of course you’d share a child’s fever, worrisome illness symptoms, or potty successes (no details, please!), I don’t really need to know about the contents of poop or the colour and composition of nasal discharge. I try to show the kids the respect of not mentioning their blueberry bums or constant crotch grabbing. (whoops.) Stuff on the internet can be permanent. And so many of my FB friends are guilty of this: naked baby/toddler/child pics! That shit is adorable, but there are creeps, oh so many creeps…

I also have a friend (maybe not much longer though?) who posts a monthly (“is not pregnant :(” ) post, along with lots of comments on my own child-related posts & pictures that just make me feel guilty (“I would trade sleep for a baby ANYTIME!”) I’m all for wearing your heart on your sleeve but … sigh.

I’ve also hid a few of the peeps whose status updates are a little over-the-top happy. Usually accompanied by excessive exclamation points. Maybe I’m just a cynic but when I read some of them, it makes me think: who are you trying to convince? (“had a great day with my hubby!!!! he is the best and such a wonderful life partner!!!! i am truly the luckiest person on the planet!!!!!”) I’m all for shout-outs of love and respect and appreciating what we have, but some of you belong over at STFU, Marrieds.

On the other hand, those who are passive aggressively hashing it out via status update need some counselling. (“is cleaning up AGAIN while HE sits on the couch watching FOOTBALL.”) Okay, that may have been an imaginary status update from my head. But if I add an “LOL!” or a “Men!! :)” it’s not bitchy. Right?

Lastly, my favourite TMIs are the somewhere-out-there way back peeps I was barely friends with, at some point accepted their FB requests, who seem to still be rocking some *major* drama. My profile’s restricted to those I barely know, because some of them are apparently batshit crazy, and to answer B’s question of “why even be FB friends?”, I present the following *actual* updates (censoring courtesy of me) so fun, especially coupled with the staggering amount of grammatically sketchy comments:

“why do i put myself through this? why cant i just accept that some people will continully disappoint me? U KNOW WHO U ARE” (too many of this ilk to list, from about 3 of my FB friends)

“from the pits of despair i rise up and say f**** you to all you HATERS!! oh not i, i will survive cos as long as i know how to love i know i will survive” (powerful.)

“finally HE IS GETTING A DIVORCE!!” (he didn’t.)

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