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Little Boy, Big World

June 8, 2010 Leave a comment

The day has finally arrived: Kindergarten orientation.

Little Boy, Big World

We had a great day at orientation today.  Even though I thought I’d be an emotional mess, I was too busy playing with B and occasionally shushing him (he’s no longer “shy”).  We spent the afternoon playing at 4 different stations and learning about the school.

First up: Letters & Numbers.  The kids sorted and lined up letters, while the teacher gave us ideas of things to challenge the kids with.   Benson is more of a numbers kinda guy, so he improvised and just made numbers out of several letters … he made it to 11.

Next: playdough.  We all loved the playdough made with Kool-Aid.  It was sticky and squishy and smelled like Kool-Aid…the Mr. sure loved the smell.

He may have done a lot of squishing and destroying, but he also made a l'il heart.

Then we had Arts & Crafts.  I’m not sure how often B uses scissors at preschool, but I’m guessing not much.  However, he was very determined and eager to cut out shapes to put on his green crown with no help from ANYONE…

Next, off to the library.  B’s face lit up as soon as he walked in.  He’s a library nerd, just like me.  But….he’s not much of a listener (just like me.)  So storytime (The Paper Bag Princess) was a bit stilted as he felt the need to share.  “You know what?  I go to 4-year-old school right now, and sometimes I ride my bike. But mostly I don’t, because I keep falling down and getting owies and I even brokeded my leg!” He also helpfully pointed out that “that dragon looks like he’s naked.” Fantastic!

Storytime in the library

Then we went back into the gym, where there were some general announcements (get those immunization records in, yo!).  I couldn’t help but look at the Grade 7 helpers and think…in just a flash, B’s going to be that pseudo-confident, almost-grown up, non-silly kid – ready to hit the next level.  (uh, and I’ll be like … FORTY YEARS OLD. Possibly more.) Le sigh.  Then we all got a bag of swag ~yeah!  Books, glue sticks (yikes), scissors (double yikes), and crayons (I’m cool – I’ve got my Norwex micropad.)

We had a great feeling of community…I was really impressed by our principal’s warmth and by what she said: especially that their students are kind and respectful.  I chose Sullivan because it is a smaller school, and I thought B would really benefit from that sense of close-knit community.  He can sometimes give up on himself too easily and I want him to find his place in the world.  He felt so comfortable there and I know we made the right choice.  Go Steamers!

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