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The Bachelorette Premiere (2011)

May 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I got a chance to finish up the Bachelorette before the hockey game came on.  While I wasn’t surprised that at the end of the show there was still 15 minutes left after the rose ceremony to show what was coming up…. This Season…  On the Bachelorette…, I was disappointed in the obvious spoiler!  At least leave a little mystery as to who makes it near the end!

My pick, although he doesn’t appear to make it too far (thanks a lot, ABC spoiler), is William.  Come on, you can’t go wrong with a cell phone salesman.  He seemed to be the only one who wasn’t taking himself all too seriously.   Constantine and possibly Ames were the other two who struck me as  not too icky or potentially cuckoo (also gave them points for no topless jogging shots).

Speaking of unique names, is this the season of made-up names?  Bentley? West?!  Those names are made up.  Really.  (Although I believe Bentley is the one with the daughter named … Cozy.)

Speaking of potentially cuckoo, Bentley has a touch of what I call crazy eyes, and while I hold nothing against being divorced, I do think you need to wait longer than a year, especially when you’re 28.  And are clearly obsessed with someone else from TV.  And have crazy eyes.

I also have nothing against the widower, West (aka “Sad Eyes”), but not sure that our fragile Bachelorette is up to the challenge of being compared to a dead woman that said widower calls “the love of my life”.  (Ask Brad.) Can’t talk about last night’s episode without mentioning the Mask.  Gimmick or brilliant, or a bit of both?

And last but not least, good old Tim.  I bet he has an even bigger hangover today.  And also, does not know what to say.  Or as he puts it: “can’t make words come out of my mouth.”  Was he sent home too soon?  Haven’t we all had a little too much to drink on a national television show? Favourites?  Creepers?  Is Ashley emotionally capable of participating in the most dramatic… season… ever?

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