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Bugs … Bunny?

March 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Benson’s new toothbrush has Bugs Bunny on it.

Kids today…not so familiar with the Looney Tunes. I was trying to entice him to use the new toothbrush…so I showed him Bugs!

“Hey! It’s Bugs Bunny! COOOOOL!” I said…

“Bugs? Bugs in a teeth? No bugs! No bugs!” was the panicked response, with his hands plastered over his mouth.

“Uh, no…it’s a bunny. But his name is Bugs.”

“Bugs! Bugs! No bugs!!”

(We have some spider issues in our basement, which has apparently resulted in some sort of insect-related trauma/phobia. I can’t say I blame him – the Robbins family spiders are beasts.)

Last night he woke up no less than three times screaming about bugs and spiders in his room. Damn that bunny….and my cheap self for not springing for the Thomas brush (ahem, twice the price!).

And seriously – they do not make children’s toothbrushes without any kind of character association. Because trust me – I’d rather skip the whole thing. I don’t think Dora, Diego, Sponge Bob, Barney, or any of those other conglomerates needs any more of my hard earned dollars to market directly to my child…

Off to try this again – hoping the toothbrush-Bugs association is forgotten tonight!

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