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He moves

February 26, 2006 Leave a comment

I’m still sniffling but the doc assures us that we are JUST FINE…and he’s the expert, right! Well Benson is now officially crawling. I left him in the front room and was cleaning up in the kitchen, and I turned around to find him in there.

He’s not doing the typical crawl, but then I hear that’s pretty rare for the beginning crawler. He does the shimmy, shimmy, shimmy. He no longer wants to sit still on momma’s lap (although momma still needs to be around 24/7/365) !

This was evidenced at Kim’s shower when I let him crawl around the dirty floor, since he needed to be ON THE MOVE.

Here’s a pic of him with Rayan, he’s just dying for him to get out of the chair and into the world of FSU!

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