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Norwex microfiber vs. pug drool

May 19, 2010 Leave a comment

At long last, I tried out my Norwex Enviro cloth and window cloth last weekend.  I have some other brands of microfiber cloths so I thought they’d be comparable.  The Norwex cloths were actually completely amazing, and I’m sooooo trying to stay away from using words like “amazing”  (promise I won’t say “revolutionary”).

I usually rock a laissez-faire attitude about sticky surfaces or finger-printy mirrors before parties.  After all, they’re going to be even stickier post-party.  But the sun was especially shiny before M’s birthday party….shining right through the windows and illuminating all the sticky-icky.

So I put them to the test.  A quick wipe (with just water) of the dog drool on the windows, first with the Enviro cloth then buff it up with the purple window cloth.  Awesome!   Most of the little marks and fingerprints on the mirrored cloth were taken care of with just the window cloth.

Next I used the window cloth on my granite island and the ceramic oven top.  It worked just as well and quicker than the little special sponge I bought for that one purpose.  Shined up my high-gloss fridge and the microwave too.  Anywhere those smudgey fingerprints were found, I just wiped them away with the cloth and the surface was shiny!

With the Enviro cloth, I also took off some marker from the couch arm and a little stain on the hoodie I was wearing.  I was inspired!  I wiped mildew off the lawn chairs with barely any effort.

The only downfall to the microfiber cloths is that my hands are like velcro after all the handwashing due to the broken dishwasher (Bay customer service FAIL, but that’s another story).  So they can be a little irritating to dry hands.

A small price to pay for the efficiency of these cloths.  They really do perform as promised and with better results than using chemical cleaners or even the vinegar/water combo.

Total disclaimer that I signed up to be a consultant based on word of mouth love for the product; I’m glad to say that word is truth!  E-mail me if you’d like to learn more or check out a brochure.  The Enviro cloth is 15.99 and the window cloth is 18.99.   They are guaranteed for 2 years but will absolutely last longer.

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Excited about cleaning. Sick!

May 6, 2010 Leave a comment

As you already know, I’m a little wiggy about the toxic things in our lives.  Since eliminating most of the chemical-y, fake-fragranced junk in my family’s life, I’ve become like one of those reformed smokers who is more disgusted by the habit than ever before.

In doing some research to try to go a step beyond the powers of vinegar (smelly hockey gear and wall smudgeys sent me over the edge), I came across the Norwex line of products.  I decided to have a demo “party” to check it out, and of course, get some free product!

I’ve never been one for show parties, whether they be candles or tupperware.  I’m usually so excited to get out of the house and with the girls and I have no patience to sit through “the pitch”.  I still have candles from the last candle party I had, (yeah, it was 2003).  The last Tupperware party I went to, I was tipsy by the time the presentation was over and misunderstood the sale and it wasn’t until the next day that I realized that I’d spent $60 on some kind of pickle holder for my fridge!

Norwex is a little different though.  We’re all living with little trolls and big stinkers.  Some of us even have a hairy bag of love laying stink and filth around our castles.  So we’re all interested in being able to clean up quickly and without dangerous chemicals.  After doing even more research and watching some demos, I started getting really into it, and want to show even more people how they can ditch the pricey and ick-filled chemicals from their own lives.

So stay tuned with me as I navigate the waters in becoming a Norwex consultant myself.  I promise I won’t be any more obnoxious than I already am.  I’m just starting out, so still learning about all these products and how to use them.  Too lazy to start another blog, so I’ll share my learnings right here.  And you know the drill, if you want to host a party or order some product, drop me a note.

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