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Oh right…the baby!

I’ve been trying to find more time to find my writing mojo by blathering on about trivial minutia here, you know, the Seinfeld-type stuff that rolls through your head while you’re in the shower or sitting at a stoplight.  (“It’s GOLD, Jerry!”)

Of course the major stuff has to wait until I have time to properly plan an outline, compose and execute a flawless blog post. Which is never gonna happen, so here’s the short version:

We had a baby girl on July 12!   We didn’t know the gender (see FAQs).  I felt like she was a girl… but I also “just knew” Marshall was a girl until they told me he wasn’t.  Or rather, didn’t tell me.  While pointing at the ultrasound screen, the doctor said… “Well, I don’t think we have to tell you the gender of this one!” (I’m assuming she was pointing to his genatalia.)  To which I responded…”Yes, yes you do have to tell me.  I’m not a freakin’ radiologist!”   (Actually, I smiled and nodded and double checked with Bill later on.)

In any case, I couldn’t really imagine myself as the mother of a girl, and frankly once you have two boys, a third seems just as much fun.  I got bumped so many times on birthday that I actually completely forgot about not knowing the gender.  We just knew that today was the day that Remy was coming.

I lay on the table anticipating the worst-slash-best part, which is the moment where they basically squish you til you can’t breathe to get the baby out, and suddenly remembered my little surprise was on it’s way.  I guess delivery room staff get bored of saying “It’s a boy / It’s a girl”, because what I heard was “Well, we have a little lady!” and it really did take me about 8 seconds to comprehend what they were saying.

Of course Benson has called it from the beginning, although I was always quite sure that he just didn’t want to have to share his toys with yet another brother.   This also meant that we had to reject the following names: Martin (as in Martin Kratt, from Wild Kratts) and Patrick (I believe it’s from SpongeBob SquarePants, but my kids aren’t allowed to watch that so that’s just not possible!).  Marshall’s suggestion of Batgirl held some merit, but we decided to go with our original pick…Remy.

So, she’s here, and not adding too much to the insanity of the household.  An unscheduled summer sounded so romantic, but ultimately just led to either brilliant play (20 per cent of the time) or cranky, battling children (80 per cent of the time).  I will be welcoming the routines and schedules of September…


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