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We’ve had a Tivo for about 4 years, ever since they were first available in Canada. Sure, the service is $12 a month, we probably could have bought 2 PVRs for the same price by now. But every time I use our Shaw PVR it’s like using an Atari after using an Xbox (with apologies to Cee-Lo).

The reason we had to actually succumb to Shaw is that Tivo HD is not “allowed” in Canada, due to some kind of CRTC regulation.  (Seriously, not sure what’s all up in the CRTC’s bonnet, but they pretty much ruin everything to do with watching and listening to stuff.)

The Tivo is just so user friendly and intuitive. Fast forwarding and rewinding are a cinch (and always at the same speed – WTF, Shaw?)  Even Shaw’s font just pisses me off.  And Shaw on Demand?  What’s the opposite of state-of-the-art?

Tonight Tivo recommended a 1994 movie starring Alec Baldwin…well now, don’t mind if I do.  What do you recommend, Shaw?  Oh wait you just keep re-recording the same episode of House Hunters?  Well yeah, I’ll watch that too.  But still!

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