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Oh right…the baby!

August 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been trying to find more time to find my writing mojo by blathering on about trivial minutia here, you know, the Seinfeld-type stuff that rolls through your head while you’re in the shower or sitting at a stoplight.  (“It’s GOLD, Jerry!”)

Of course the major stuff has to wait until I have time to properly plan an outline, compose and execute a flawless blog post. Which is never gonna happen, so here’s the short version:

We had a baby girl on July 12!   We didn’t know the gender (see FAQs).  I felt like she was a girl… but I also “just knew” Marshall was a girl until they told me he wasn’t.  Or rather, didn’t tell me.  While pointing at the ultrasound screen, the doctor said… “Well, I don’t think we have to tell you the gender of this one!” (I’m assuming she was pointing to his genatalia.)  To which I responded…”Yes, yes you do have to tell me.  I’m not a freakin’ radiologist!”   (Actually, I smiled and nodded and double checked with Bill later on.)

In any case, I couldn’t really imagine myself as the mother of a girl, and frankly once you have two boys, a third seems just as much fun.  I got bumped so many times on birthday that I actually completely forgot about not knowing the gender.  We just knew that today was the day that Remy was coming.

I lay on the table anticipating the worst-slash-best part, which is the moment where they basically squish you til you can’t breathe to get the baby out, and suddenly remembered my little surprise was on it’s way.  I guess delivery room staff get bored of saying “It’s a boy / It’s a girl”, because what I heard was “Well, we have a little lady!” and it really did take me about 8 seconds to comprehend what they were saying.

Of course Benson has called it from the beginning, although I was always quite sure that he just didn’t want to have to share his toys with yet another brother.   This also meant that we had to reject the following names: Martin (as in Martin Kratt, from Wild Kratts) and Patrick (I believe it’s from SpongeBob SquarePants, but my kids aren’t allowed to watch that so that’s just not possible!).  Marshall’s suggestion of Batgirl held some merit, but we decided to go with our original pick…Remy.

So, she’s here, and not adding too much to the insanity of the household.  An unscheduled summer sounded so romantic, but ultimately just led to either brilliant play (20 per cent of the time) or cranky, battling children (80 per cent of the time).  I will be welcoming the routines and schedules of September…


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Music Monday | Darlin, Do Not Fear ~ Brett Dennen

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Early pregnancy is always a rough time for me. I fear being overconfident and then broken-hearted. I can’t seem to find that joy without a small piece of pain to weight it down.

This pregnancy in particular gave me a number of worries near the beginning. I struggled to hold my faith while at the same time Googling every symptom, every word that came out of doctors’ mouths. But where there was no definitive negative news, I had to have faith that whatever happened, I’d survive, I’d grow, I’d adapt.

I took so many of these words to heart, in particular:

Sometimes your path is marked in the sky
Sometimes it falls to fit in between the lines
Sometimes all you can do is say no
But darlin, do not fear what you don’t really know

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Pregnancy FAQ #2: Do you know what you’re having?

June 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Nope.  We knew with our second, and since we had a planned c-section with him it took all the mystery out of our day.  Which is fine, except it left me to concentrate on one thing: I’m being sliced open today.  It’s always amazingly exciting to have a baby, but with both a name, date, and expected time — I really focussed on the whole surgery aspect.  Sure there were other factors: what would he look like (they really all look the same to me at that point), what would he weigh (alot).  While we did know the gender, we chose not to tell anyone.   And that really irked some people, like we were keeping a secret.  Well, we were, but it’s our secret!

This time just might be the last time, so it seems appropriate to add a little fun (and perhaps temper any shopping impulses) and wonder for just a little while longer.

FAQ #2A:  Hoping for a girl, then?

Nope. I think everyone else is, though.  After having two boys I realize that having two of the same gender is still to have two very different children, each amazing and unique.  And these were the boys I was destined for and meant to have.  So if this is a third boy I will feel blessed.  If it is a girl, I will feel blessed.  I’m not just saying that because we’re all supposed to say, “As long as its healthy.”  I really believe that this is the baby meant for us.  Plus, I don’t know any of the Disney princesses’ names and I’m already up to my ears in cars and dump trucks!

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Pregnancy FAQ #1: When are you due?!

June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

July 12.  That’s not my due date.  That’s the date of my c-section.  Yes, I had c-sections with my first two.  No, I haven’t seriously considered a VBAC after two.  I had wonderful recoveries with my first two, and hey, the scar’s already there.  No need to add another.

I know the scheduled c-section loses me a few granola points but for my sanity, I’ll make the sacrifice.

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A little competition.

February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

“Mom, if these pancakes taste so good, then you’ll be my favourite. But if they’re not good…I think Daddo will be my favourite.” -Benson

Talk about PRESSURE! Actually, I was a little concerned because I over-berried them and with frozen berries it does affect the outcome…and they were a little gummy (new spelt pancakes from Costco).

But they were deemed “yummy”, the highest word of praise delivered in our house.

My title as “Favourite Parent” safe for today.

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Them teeth be made of gold.

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

After losing his tooth right before Christmas, Benson has been counting the days until he can write his name on the tooth at school.  Now that he’s performed this sacred ritual, he is ready to put the tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy.  (I suppose he was keeping it for proof in case anyone wanted to see the actual tooth?)

B: “Tomorrow’s tonight, I’m going to sleep in my own bed all night so I can put my tooth under my bed for the tooth fairy.  Then, she will give me MONEY.”

Me: “Interesting.  How much money will she be giving you?”

B: “Just one.”

Me: “Just one dollar?”

B: “No.  Just one.  You know, the green paper one.  That’s my favourite one.”

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Home Alone with Flying Monkeys

January 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Since Benson’s 5 this year and more than old enough to sit through movies, I thought it might be time to introduce him to some classics (and possibly some alternate comedic themes to fart humour).  It’s Christmas, so how about Home Alone?!  I loved this movie as a teenager…my BFF and I would watch those fool robbers and laugh until we almost peed.  (It’s possible that a few Sunny Delight & Vodkas may have enhanced the comedy, but tipsy 17 year old = 5 year old…right?)

We snuggled down to watch and with no farting in the first 10 minutes, Benson started getting a little bored indeed.  There was mention of peeing the bed which elicited a chuckle and then he perked up at the “we slept in” piece.  That’s where the comedy ended.

“Uh, mom?  Why did his mom leave him home alone?  Where’s his mom?  Why did his family disappear?  Mom? His family is gone.  Why is he so happy?  He shouldn’t be jumping on the bed.  Mom!  WHERE. IS. HIS. MOM.  Just because you get mad you don’t leave kids home by theirselves. And how come he is drinking pop??”

Um.  “It’s funny!  Because he’s home alone, so he can do whatever he wants!  They left him because they were in a hurry.  But it’s just a movie!”

“Mom.  His family is on an airplane so that means they are going far far away.  What if he gets hungry.  Why did his mom leave him there?  Why did she forget him?  If I was home by myself I would be scared.  He is going to get so scared and his mom is far away.”

I admit it.  I chickened out and fast-forwarded to the slap-sticky last 30 minutes of the movie.  I didn’t want the child traumatized that every time he went to sleep after a tough day he might wake up Home Alone with a band of criminals to fight.

And frankly, watching Home Alone as a parent gave me the heebie jeebies too.  Yes, I’ve seen the movie countless times, but as I waited for Catherine O’Hara’s “KEVIN!” moment, I was on pins and needles.  As she desperately pushed through the airport my heart was racing too…her 7-year-old…is Home Alone!  So, maybe Home Alone is best left to the 10-year-olds (and immature 17-year-olds).

A few weeks later The Wizard of Oz was on.  Fantastic!  This one was a must…I’d seen this countless times and it was a childhood favourite!

I never found the monkeys frightening as a child…but as an adult: WTF?!!  Thank god for the fast forward button on the remote.  It looks like I’ll have to pre-screen all future movie experiences…back to Treehouse for now.

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