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What’s your sign, baby?

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Growing up, I somewhat believed in astrology. I think most teenaged kids, girls especially, want something to identify with. Since there’s always good traits and bad traits assigned to each astrological sign, it wasn’t too difficult to find something flattering to assign to myself. I liked the idea of being a fiery risk-taker, since it easily excused my temper tantrums and nasty temper.

As an adult, I rarely give thought to horoscopes. Recently the subject came up over dinner. After explaining a situation where my friend SS described her daughter as sensitive, she justified it with “But you know, she’s a Cancer.”  As if that was common knowledge.  I was surprised: S is extremely savvy and not someone I’d expect astrological teachings from, and with such seriousness!

The rest of us began to talk  about our kids’ astrological signs (and for a few of us, we had to try to figure it out…). Again, of course we love to identify our kids with something.

But again, I found it to be extremely accurate! Over the last few months, my husband has repeatedly described our two-year-old as “stubborn as hell” (I describe him as “two”.) I hadn’t even thought ot put it together until I realized: he’s a Taurus. I don’t know too much about astrology but I do know that that’ll be one of the most stubborn. Or does he just get his stubborn streak from me? Or do I have a stubborn streak because I’m an Aries (the Ram)?

Speaking of Aries, as I check it out just to provide a link for my post, I’d have to say hells yeah, anyone that knows me might agree with this assessment.  (Although you will never, ever find me playing sports. I count interneting as “playing hard”.)

My older son is sensitive and emotional yet closed off. Enter the Cancer. It is uncanny how close the description is.  Anyone who knows him will agree, he can “retreat” into his shell.  (My little Crab!)

While I miss the old days when I’d “read the paper” on a daily basis (horoscope & Dear Abby), I won’t be consulting the stars before major (or any) decisions.  I have enough over-thinking to do in life, and I sure could spend a lot of time obsessing over at Astrology.com.  But I do think it’s very interesting how the astrological signs mirror our personalities so accurately and it made me wonder about yours!

Does your astrological sign accurately describe you?  Does your kids?  Do you believe in the astrological love match?  Love to hear it…


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