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Artichoke “This is so good. What is it?” Dip

I had the girls over last night and I used the opportunity to try out this recipe I saw in Best Health magazine…I love dips of all kinds, but especially the really rich and cheesy ones.  So when this dip promised to bring the flavour without my old friend mayonnaise, I was excited to give it a shot.  It turned out well, so I thought I’d share the recipe with my modifications.

2 cans (398 ml) artichoke hearts (canned in WATER), drained
4 tsp capers
4 garlic cloves (to taste)
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese (I used good old Kraft)
a few tbsp feta cheese
1/4 cup fresh parsley
2 tbsp grapeseed oil (or olive)
juice of half a lemon (or 2 tbsp lemon juice)
1 avocado
handful of fresh spinach (because I throw it in everything)

Mix together with a hand blender or food processor until smooth.  It was best warm though it can be served either way; put it in the oven or toaster oven until bubbly.  Serve with crackers or chips.

Does anyone have any artichoke experience?  Their texture makes them ideal to “sneak”  and they are nutrtionally rich with antioxidants, folate, magnesium and fibre.  I’d love to experiment with fresh artichokes, but they seem so scary!

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