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I love you, but you’re no American Idol

It’s no secret that I’m hardcore Team Casey James all the way.  Bluesy rock is my thang and Casey does it well.  I’d love to see him rock some Levon Helm or old school Otis Redding.  If he’d stop putting all that shit in his hair, I’d be especially happy. Man-bun, please.

I don’t even need to mention Mamasox, do I?  We can all agree: awesomeness.  And every time Kara judges her, I think…really?  We need KARA to judge BOWERSOX?  All wrong brutha, all wrong.

Ultimately, we know that someone like fetus Aaron Kelly is going to win, just like not-Adam-Lambert won last year.  But that’s okay, because I am already cringing at the mugging and fakeness and general ickiness that they are affecting to please the judges.  Yes Casey, I do speak of the “emotion” you were showing last night.  Since when did “believable” become a compliment?  Also, I love it when Simon calls anything “corny”.  It’s freakin’ American Idol!  They just group-lip-synched “American Boy”!  It couldn’t be any cornier if the show was called “Corn-filled Corn-fed Corny Corn”!

And yet, I watch…

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