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that plastic bucket

Remember when you were growing up and you had the designated “barf bowl”? In our house it was a burgundy plastic mixing bowl. It came out when you had that icky feeling and needed to lay on the couch. Just the sight of it made me want to hurl.

Unfortunately it was the only bowl in the house big enough to contain the product of our super duper hot air popcorn popper, so that was the bowl’s dual use. Gross maybe, but not a lot of actual barf ended up in the designated bowl, in our defense. However…popcorn still = barf, in my mind.

So when faced with 3 boys with stomach flu in the house, I had to make a decision about what bowl to designate “barf only”. The metal mixing bowls seemed to be a good choice, but they’re not quite deep enough (if you’ve seen me with martini glass you get the idea).

I sacrificed our Madagascar 2 promotional movie bucket for the cause. And when the imminent danger of projectile vomiting ceased, Alex and the gang ended up in the recycling bin. Unfortunately the original contents of the promotional bucket was movie theatre popcorn…the circle of life?!

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