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Then comes the baby ogre?

November 2, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Every night, B and I have a little chat about things. He usually likes to talk about his family and friends, so it reminds me a little of the going to bed routine I had as a child (“and bless mommy, and daddy, and teacher, etc”).

I completely adore the randomness of the people who come up in Benson’s night-time shout-outs. Last night:

B: “I love my family. You, and Marshall, and Daddo. And girl Alex.”
Me: “Girl Alex is your friend, but not your family…unless you want to marry Girl Alex?”
B: “No. I marry Daddo.”

So, I almost said, “Oh, you have to marry a girl.” But I don’t really believe that. So then I almost said, “You have to marry someone your own age.” But I don’t really believe that. “You have to marry someone your own size?” Nope. And…come to think of it, you don’t have to marry someone to be in their family! I decided to try to explain the concept of marriage/family a l’il bit more:

Me: “See, I married Daddo and we became a family. I am Daddo’s wife.”
B: “Oh you are a wife princess?”
Me: “Oh yes.” (yeah, I know, not really – but it had SUCH a nice ring to it. Even though I’m sort of anti-princess, especially this time of year.)
B: “And you are a ogre?”
Me: “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”
B: “You are a princess ogre wife?”
Me: “I think you have it covered.”
B: “I like Daddo to be my wife now.”

Oh yes, we’re all straightened out now. Thanks, Shrek.

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