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Nose vs. Potty Beans

Benson LOVES his potty beans. When I remember to offer them up, he’ll pee on demand! Occasionally, he’ll go on his own and then come ask for some. But we’re nowhere near “trained”. Well maybe I’m trained, to change his diaper or throw out pooped-in underwear (sorry, Earth).

Since he only gets 2 PB’s for pee, he likes to hold and cherish the beans, smell them, lick them, watch how they turn his hands different colours. Tonight, we were having a dance partay in the kitchen as we were cleaning up… Benson shook his thang a little too hard and went straight down on his NOSE.

He was so busy clutching the PBs that he did not reach out to block the blow. As the screams and hugs and blood gushed, the PBs remained safe in hand. The face…not so safe. The button nose was looking more like a swollen marshmellow. I made an executive decision to haul him to CC.

Shout out to Dr. Frankel, who said he didn’t think it was broken, but if it shows up crooked after the swelling goes down, it’ll be “Benson’s First X-Ray”. He didn’t offer us any Botox. In related news, I grated off the tip of my pinkie tonight. That’s why I stick with pre-shredded cheese, yo.

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