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Potty Beans

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

So most of my excuses for not potty-training Benson are up. I know, I should just be locking his naked arse up in the house for a week with Saran Wrap covering all upholstery, but I’m straight-up lazy and so have only been randomly using PT tricks. Lately, I’ve been having him in undies while at home; praising the successes (oh-so-random) and ignoring the accidents.

I had aimed to have him trained by now fo sho, but he’s happy to sit in pee-filled pull-ups and before I know it, another month has flown by. Now it seems B’s among the last of the diaper-wearing ilk and I realize that yeah, IT’S TIME.

Decided to go the “potty beans” route (a.k.a. Skittles, previously used as “good boy beans”, “be quiet beans”, and “sleeping beans”). It’s been a while since any “beans” have been used in our place, mainly because I would randomly pull that trick out of the bag and offer up “clean-up beans”, only to realize that someone else has rewarded themselves with said beans and the only beans left in the house were coffee beans.

So I brought home some potty beans today and shook them in front of B, asking him to go put on underwear and maybe later, he could have potty beans.

I have never seen a child move so fast. In the bathroom, pants down, diaper ripped off, and peeing on command, and demanding potty beans. 8 minutes later, the same routine. I was worried he was going to be dehydrating himself at this point. (Also worried I would run out of Skittles. You don’t get much for 99 cents no more).

And an hour later, he peed on the floor downstairs, in his bathing suit, and on Marshall’s carpet. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Sigh. I’ll be playing “find the smell” for a while, yet.

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