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Slug Vs. Rhino

Today we went out to the Mountainview Conservatory…awesome! It’s like the zoo, minus the guilt. We saw zebras, giraffes, rhino thisclose! Aside from the torrential downpour, it was great. When we got out to check out the rhino, Benson became fascinated with a slug (of course). I tried so hard to get him to check out the rhino just a few feet away! But he was stuck on the slug.

Me: “Benson! Look at the rhino! Right there! He looks like a dinosaur!”
B: “Mommy, there’s a slug!”
Tourguide: “There are lots of slugs around here, buddy.”
B: “WHERE?!”

And later, during the recap, when I ask Benson what he saw today, he reported the slug sighting. He also asked to be a slug for Hallowe’en. I have him downgraded to spider, because I think I may be more likely to find a spider costume than a slug?!

Anyway, I guess these little outings had best be exciting for the grownups as well, since the slug was the high point for Benson – we could probably find them a lot closer than way out in Langley amid the wild animals.

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