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Marshall in tha house…

Well it’s been a moderately bumpy ride, but Marshall Robbins is here.

We went in for our scheduled section for 8 AM. Dr. Huckell came in at 7:20 to say that all looked like we’d be on schedule for 8 AM. Then a buzz of activity outside the prep room in triage…I heard noises and words that made me glad I had gone for the scheduled! So we were bumped… I *actually* fell asleep! I hadn’t slept all night, the thought of epidurals, needles, and the actual surgery really freaking me out.

When I had all that last time, I was soooo tired and drained after the labour I just wanted Benson OUT! So an epidural was a welcome end to the pain of contractions, while this time it was nervously anticipated, and instead of using the word “frozen”, the anaesthesiologist said “paralyzed”, which really made me even more tense! But all in all it wasn’t too bad. Marshall was taking up ALL the room in the womb, so I’m really bruised as they had to really give ‘er to get him out of there.

He screamed right away, which thrilled me to death. (Benson took a while to make any noises!) We caught a quick glimpse over the sheet of his little face and HAIR! Whoa! As you know, Benson wasn’t blessed with hair until he was at least 1. They took him away for cleanup etc…Bill took some pics and vids, etc. In recovery I finally got to hang out with the little fella. The nurse said that the pediatrician wanted his blood sugar re-tested 2 hours after birth. It was 1.3 (which I later found out was dangerously low) and his temperature was also really low. They grabbed him and sped away.

The nurse said they would probably just give him some formula and he’d be right back…well they took him to Special Care Nursery and he spent a day and half in there. His sugar levels did not come up…he was on an IV and I went down to nurse him every chance I got! the first trip down in a wheelchair a few hours post-op, and then someone stole my freakin’ wheelchair so they ordered one…which I couldn’t wait for. I hauled myself down there (you’re supposed to move around, right!) every few hours. Marshall was a beast compared to the wee ones in there!

Anyway finally his levels came up, they took the IV out and agreed to do the blood tests from our room. At first they were okay…but then they dropped again. He also lost more than the recommended amount of his weight and is pretty jaundiced. So I’m supplementing with formula (and welcoming tips on where to find it the cheapest) and hoping to fatten him back up and get that yellow cast out of his skin!

As for me I’m rollerblading and back into my skinny jeans, headed to the latest movie premiere and pushing my giant old fashioned pram down the street in my Jimmy Choos. So I think I am all caught up on my People magazine reading…hee hee

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