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Nutty McNuts: Enemy Number One

December 22, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Since eliciting so much concern with my latest Facebook status indicating my denial over the nut allergy, I thought I’d better explain…

I can’t specifically recall ever giving him peanut or peanut butter, but I do know that he doesn’t like it…so at some point he must have ingested some. Oatmeal with peanut butter used to be a favourite that I likely had to share. So much like the allergy to cats, I think this is a new thing.

His daycare provider gave him a peanut butter cookie and his lips and eyes immediately puffed up. The puffiness had subsided 10 minutes later when I got there but he still had an Angelina-sized upper lip. K was really beside herself with worry and couldn’t believe how calm I was. I told her that I simply refuse to have a child with a nut allergy so this has to be some kind of one-off.

Bill took him to the pharmacy (all puffiness subsided by this time) and got him some Benadryl on the pharmacist’s recommendation to lessen any symptoms. I suppose the next step will be to have him tested for this allergy. I just do NOT want to have to be that vigilant or worried – ALL THE TIME! Peanut allergies are so scary!!

At dinner, Bill told me that he is extremely allergic to walnuts. Which didn’t make much sense to me since a) He has never mentioned this before; and b) Um, I put walnuts in a lot of my baking. (It’s a superfood!) (Yes, I bake!!) But he says he swells up and gets hives so it’s possible I’ve got a family with allergies.

So I’m optimistic that it’s not a serious allergy; hopeful that I won’t have to carry around a hypodermic needle everywhere I go…at least the nut allergy is more commonplace now so there are plenty of peanut-free foods, like Mars bars…(I’m sure there are others…)

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