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Head Injuries 101

If you’ve got a toddler…you need to know about head injuries. Today I placed Benson down beside me in Mother Goose to stop his wiggling. He objected by executing a full body reverse head-butt to the windowsill behind him.

Not exactly a new move to us, he often backhead-butts me right in the chin. Fun with mummy’s teeth! This time seemed to really sting though, he had the silent screams which he rarely ever has. I am grateful for some sign of pain reflex!

I didn’t notice until 10 minutes later that the cut was bleeding (why does this always happen in PUBLIC)…so we had our snacks and I took him down to Clover Care. Dr. Wong-Ting (sp?) declared him okay and left me with the following, which I’m planning to tattoo down my arm:

” While no evidence of serious injury is found at this time, here are the SIGNS TO WATCH FOR within the next 48 hours:
1. Increased drowsiness
2. Difficulty in rousing the patient (patient should be awakened every 2 hours during the first night.)
3. Persistent vomiting.
4. Slowing of pulse rate.
5. Continued headache.
6. Stiffness of neck.
7. Bleeding or clear fluid dripping from ears or nose. {this gonna be a tough one.}
8. Weakness of facial muscles or either leg or either arm.
9. Development of convulsions (fits).
10. No Aspirin, ASA.
11. Plain Tylenol ONLY.
12. Change in pupil size, one compared to the other.

She did mention that # 12 was one of the most important and his eyes were the most beautiful she had ever seen. (well, she said they were “fine”. the rest was written all over her face.)

No stitches required because his hair will cover the scar. “And I bet he won’t be doing that again…” sigh. How many times have we heard THAT?!!

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