Last night it was so very hot. Benson woke up crying, matted with sweat. Bill broke his “no babies in the bed” rule to calm our heated babe by laying him on his chest. It’s a favourite position for them…for Bill, the classic excuse to nap (for the LOVE OF GOD, don’t wake up the baby!). Benson is decreasingly cuddly these days, so we love to take full advantage. Every time they lay this way, it brings to mind how much he has grown. It really is unbelievable.

Benson used to span from Bill’s collarbone to the bottom of his ribcage. Then, to the belly button. Slowly but oh-so-quickly, he’s grown nearly to the top of Bill’s knees. (And Bill is a giant.) I watch videos from the first few days and it’s incredible that that wobbly, skinny little creature has become this incredibly communicative strudy, skinny little toddler who learns in leaps and bounds and surprises and delights me every single day.

I remember in the beginning…I wanted to know him so badly! What parts of us would we pass along…who would he look like…would he love to dance or would he be introverted (no chance of that, though). I would watch him for hours to spot clues into the future.

Now that I know him, I struggle between wanting to know him even more, looking forward to his first non-parrotted “I love you” (not to mention pooping on the potty!) … and wanting to stop time to just indulge in his sweet babyness before it slips away, since he stretches into childhood so quickly with every passing second.

Happy Birthday, baby.

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