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Mommy Block

I can’t wait until brain-to-blog is invented. I was kept up all night by a certain someone who had to punctuate each allergy-induced sneeze with a loud curse word and sometimes a smack on the bed. We really are the family that suffers together!

But I was laying there thinking of all the things I wanted to get ready for Benson’s birthday partay along with all of my random thoughts I need to get out of my head and onto paper (er, screen?), ie: blog.

Buuuuuuuut when I get 30 seconds to do so I seem to surf around aimlessly and okay, let’s be honest, spend way too much time on Facebook!

And now we’re going to go outside and enjoy.

So when Benson is stressing me out in 15 years, I am not going to be able to look back on his teeny tiny years and all the feelings and dreams I had, and it’s all Facebook / random July sun’s fault. Darn it.

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