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Escape Artist

Why do I get so cocky?!

“I’m keeping Benson in his crib until he’s 3!” says I. Well since the time change he hasn’t been quite the happy sleeper he used to be. He cries when we put him down and he’s waking in the night. It’s bizarre, compared to what we’re used to.

Last night…Bill and I were working on the computer and right after we put him down, Benson was crying in his crib and banging on the door.

Wait. Banging on the door. Um. Sure enough, we went in there and he was out of the crib. Figuring it was a one-off we put him back. Closed the door. There it was. The thump, followed by banging on the door.

He’s quite the little athlete, performing a perfect dismount out the crib. Then to fall asleep on the floor.

I feel so bad for the little guy, I’m not sure what’s so terrible about the bed. But it looks like we’ll be cancelling our trip to the aquarium and headed to Ikea instead this weekend for a big boy bed…and I’ll be completely child proofing his room (ie, removing EVERYTHING).

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