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Wal-Mart (and why I can’t shop there)

So we took Benson for his photos on Saturday. Yes, Saturday at the Langley Wal-Mart. Brave souls, indeed!

It took a while getting in, as the family before us had 3 little kids. I can’t even imagine trying to organize that photo. We sat in the lobby watching the interesting procession of shoppers. I swear, every 4th person was on an oxygen tank. What is up with that?!

The pictures were flawless, it was a 5 minute process. Benson finds everything hilarious, so we had no trouble getting the shots. (I love playing Tyra … “More neck! More neck!”)

Then I told Bill we’d need to pop in “for just a few things”. Basically I avoid the great big American evil companies, but every so often I can’t resist. And I really need a new swim diaper for Benson or we are going to have an accident that’s going to get us kicked out of the Y!

Bill immediately headed to the fishing section, and I couldn’t find him…who knew that fishing was a “sport”?! I decided to see how much their leggings were, if I could find a cheap pair maybe I could try out the look? At least in the comfort of my own bathroom…I’d probably never have the cojones to try to wear them in public.

I found a pair strewn over a rack, my size, but they had that horrid lace at the bottom. I couldn’t find any hanging on a rack. So I asked an employee. She said, “They should be in the women’s section”. Yeah okay, the women’s section in Langley is about 3000 square feet. And I was on a timer, once Bill decided it was time to leave Wal-Mart, I would have to leave Wal-Mart. Immediately. I timidly asked, “any idea where, specifically?” since she was putting away clothes, I assumed she may have an idea. She simply glared at me and made a sweeping arm gesture somewhere toward the front of the store.

Well, I could always cut the lace off, I suppose.

Once I’d collected Bill and hidden my 80s treasure in the cart, we headed to the very back baby section. I found that they only carried Medium swim diapers and my little wee baby is by now clearly a large. Well, I think. The sizes are listed by pounds, and Benson’s a little overdue for his 18-month checkup…

Anyhoo, I picked up a booster seat so that Benson can sit at the table like the civilized young babe that he is. Yay! No more picking old food out of that stupid high chair seat. From now on I’ll get to pick it up directly off the floor! What a time-saver…since I’m picking up food directly from the floor, anyway.

While I was getting yet some MORE of the stupid sippy cups (and I wish The First Years would just sell packs of lids, or just cups, because I always have tons of one and none of the other)…I noticed the cutest little mini-tumblers, like the coffee cups mom & dad carry around. I thought it would be so great for B because he could use a l’il straw or use them to learn to sip from a big boy cup. AND they were on clearance, only $2.

Bill started making the face so we got into a bearable line-up. The cashier was about 16, well I think she worked there, she had no name tag or apron on, but she did share the same “I don’t give a F” look on her face as the other employees as she scanned in the items.

Then the following conversation took place:

She: You can’t buy this cup. It has no UPC code.

Me: Um, there’s a price-tag, and it was on the shelf.

She (with great hardship): Do you want me to call someone to look it up?

Me (glancing at the man behind me, who was glaring at me with what can only be described as stifled murderous rage): If it’s not too much trouble.

She: Well do you want to pay for all this stuff, or wait until I get a code for the cup.

Me: I’d sort of like to pay for it all together. How long will it take?


Me: Sure, I’ll pay for this stuff.

Bill: Just leave the cups.

She: calls something on the phone.

Me: Those were the last 2 on the shelf.

She: What? SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (on the phone): Yes, they’re mini-thermoses.

Me: Actually, they were in the baby section. And they were the last 2.

She: What? SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (on the phone, in an incredulous manner): She said they were in the BABY section. Yeah the sticker SAYS they are on clearance. (laughs) YES totally.

Me: And they were the last 2 on the shelf.

Benson: WAhhhhhhhhhh

Bill: I think we can live without the cups.

She: Well look, I am going to have to call a manager now. And it is a SATURDAY. So this could take a while.

Me: Fine. I’ll leave the cups. (loudly, with much passive agression to Bill) They shouldn’t be ON the shelf, with a PRICE TAG, if a customer can’t BUY them.

She: (to someone picking up the returns): yes they go in the baby section with the cups.

So basically someone is going to do the same thing, all over again! Argh.

One thing is clear: Wal-Mart should definitely sell alcohol in bulk containers. And Xanax.

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