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Time Goooooes by….

Can you believe this is my little man? And he is so close to walking. Well not really, but he can pull himself up.

Ever since I was 2 weeks pregnant, I was hooked on iVillage, Babycenter, etc, etc. What is my little bean doing now? Does he have ears? I remember I was shocked, watching an episode of CSI when they mentioned what week the baby would have fingerprints. I rushed off to the trusty internet to see if it were so and when would my bean have his own set.

It’s not enough to read just one site, either, you have to subscribe to every single one of them, and of course all the baby brands: Gerber, Pampers, Earth’s Best, etc, have them too. You have to to read them all so you know when your babe is growing nose hair!

I was still hooked right up until about month 6. Then I wanted the process to sloooow down. Because I don’t want to know how close he is to walking! Because that’s just the start of him walking…away from me. Oh my gaw, I am a fool, but it’s true. I just delete those damned emails now.

I don’t want any more milestones, I just want it to be June or July 2006 forever, me and my baby Beanson, singing Kelly Clarkson and Zoom Zoom Zooming to the Moon!

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